Whether you are looking to have a faded and torn photo restored to its original glory, or to organize and curate a lifetime of photos, albums and movies, Preserve A Photo is dedicated to the preservation of family memories.

Curating Your Photo & Memory Collection

I’ll curate your photos and slides, assessing each one and identifying those that best tell your story. Then I’ll scan and convert them into high-resolution digital files, and deliver your newly categorized pictures on a convenient USB drive. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to do with all that extra space in drawers, under beds, and on shelves now that your loose photos, albums, and scrapbooks are finally consolidated!

When you entrust your memories to me, I’ll return them to you with a hard-cover Photo Collection Guide. Elements of the Guide include instructions on how to access and view your images and a listing of all digital files. It guides you through each step of my process from scanning to completion, and how I went about organizing, curating, and scanning your collection. Think of it as  the guide to your family’s history, included as my gift to you!

Telling Your Stories with Custom Photo Albums

Nothing is more archival than the visual photo itself, but in our busy daily lives, who has time to create a fun and enduring photo legacy of family moments or special occasions, much as we want to?

I tell my clients’ stories in an artistic way that can passed down to their children, their grandchildren, and beyond. Applying my photographer’s eye, I will create an album, photo book, wall art, movie, or other chronicle of your family history or once-in-a-lifetime event. I use only the highest quality materials, including acid-free paper for photo books, to ensure your project, your vision, your story will last forever.

Preserving & Protecting Your Digital Photos

Don’t let your digital photos be left behind by technology. In this ever-changing environment of phone apps and cloud sharing, it can be hard to keep up with the best methods of preserving your most beloved digital photos and videos. 

All of your digital photos are collected and organized into digital albums. Duplicate photos are removed. Your curated  collection is then save protected onto a USB hard drive.

Conversion of Obsolete Media

You can count on my expertise with past and current technologies to take the guesswork out of archiving. From the latest in photo apps to obsolete formats like VHS tapes, Super 8 film movies and CDs, I’ll organize and convert your memories to a USB drive, ensuring easy and reliable access for a lifetime.

Restoring the Past with Photo Restoration

Photos historic documents are the closest we’ll come to having a time machine, so of course we all want those images to be as clear as possible. We want the smiles of our loved ones to be their brightest, historical moments to be crisp as the day they were recorded. But how do you combat aging, oils from years of fingerprints, dust and fading, scratches and crease marks?

Using high-resolution scanning and restoration software, I’ll bring your photos back to life. I take great care in handling these delicate treasures. Scratches, spots, and tears, faded colors and flesh tones, and historical details you thought lost will be corrected, bringing you back in time to the magic of the moment.

Let’s Get Started

Contact me at or 585-503-5240 to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your vision for preserving your personal collection. Next, we’ll set up an appointment to take an inventory of your collection and develop a plan, budget and timeline that fits your schedule.

My Pledge

I will work with great care and diligence on your photo project and make every reasonable effort to safeguard your photos while they are in my possession. Once I receive your collection, I will do a complete inventory and establish an estimate for your consideration. Should scope of the project increase, you will receive a revised estimate for approval before continuing. I will respect your privacy and not share any details or materials without your permission.

Payment is due when the project is completed and returned to you. Please make checks payable to Nancy P. Carr LLC. 

Contact Nancy Carr for examples of photo restorations and photo book designs.

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