There is rarely just one product or service that fits your needs. Most projects include some level of strategy, timetable, budget and scope. Each project is discussed in advance of the work to ensure you are getting the right services and final products. Below are some of the services I can provide.


Curation begins with an assessment of your collection to determine what images, photos, slides or other memorabilia to save and will best tell your story. 


Scanning will convert your images into high-resolution digital files that are then transferred to a USB drive.


It’s still nice to gather round and look at photos in a really nice photo album. Create a photo book or video montage that defines your vision and tells your story.

Digital Photo Protection

With more than one trillion digital photos taken each year and technology changing by the minute, it's challenging to protect your digital collection. I will gather your digital photos and videos into a single hub, remove duplicates, rename, re-date and organize into digital albums, then save to a USB hard drive and cloud sharing service for everyone to enjoy.

Save Your Movies, Tapes and Slides

Convert your memories to the latest technology. VHS tapes, Super 8 movie films, CD’s, and tapes digitized and saved to a USB drive.


Each day that passes, old photos and historic documents decline in quality and detail. My technique renders a photo that is as vibrant and crisp as the day it was taken. I will remove scratches, spots, tears, and faded colors, bringing historical details back to life. 

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