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"In the end we'll become stories." Margaret Atwood

And in the end, stories fade, just as photos fade, unless you take steps to keep the art of storytelling alive. So, tell your story, preserve the past, keep your wonderful, wacky, fanciful and fantastic story alive by digitizing your family photos and keeping your story safe and secure for generations to come. Because simply fading away is not an option...


Enjoy this short video of my wonderful , wacky childhood.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Every element of your collection carries weight of equal importance. This I understand and appreciate to my core. And this is why I will handle your precious collection with great care and reverence.

My method includes curating your collection, and by use of state-of-the art technology, scan your collection into digital files. Once the digital files have been established, they are easy to store and access.

But wait, there’s more … once the files have been digitized, the options are endless. Photo books, wall art, and movies are just some of the brilliant ways to take your story to the next level. 

Contact me for a free consultation and let’s discuss options that might be a perfect fit for your family’s story.

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