Date: 2/28/2018 4:00 PM EST

Recently the family of a Nobel Prize winner asked me to scan and preserve his overwhelming vault of photos. It was both an honor and a surprise in many ways!

Dr. Kenneth Arrow was the joint recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with John Hicks in 1972. 

When Dr. Arrow passed away last year at the age of 95, his family asked me to organize the vast collection of photos he had taken during his lifetime.

When the boxes arrived from California I couldn’t wait to dig in. After spending well over 40 hours sorting through his photo archives, I felt as if I had a bit more insight into how Dr. Arrow’s magnificent mind worked. Every photo was marked with dates, names, locations and additional notes on the events or special occasions. I had a feeling he was quite happy about his documentation and I could hear him whispering to me as I worked, “I knew you’d be needing this.”

As a photo preservationist I receive hundreds of shoe boxes and large containers filled with thousands of photos. Most photos never have any information on who is in the photo or where it was taken, making it difficult to tell the family’s story. But that was not the case with Kenneth Arrow. He was my dream client! 

Thanks to his meticulous notes, I was able to create a historic photo documentary that could be organized, scanned and preserved forever. 

The Nobel Prize was an exciting moment in time. Although, the real "prize" was getting to know Kenneth Arrow. A brilliant man who had the foresight to document his incredible life experiences with the most treasured people in his life, enabling many future generations of Arrows to have the honor and privilege to view, just as I have, the prize that he left to his family - the memories.

NOTE: This brief video shows what an impact Dr. Arrow made on those who knew him and studied with him.