Let me explain how I became a photo preservationist and family historian. I was raised in a large family and we spent much of our time celebrating life events. Photos taken back then sometimes found their way into frames and albums, but most ended up stored away in closets, basements and attics. 

When digital technology arrived, I decided to have my Mom's old photo albums scanned and preserved. As I looked at many of the pictures for the first time, memories of my childhood came rushing back into my life. This led me to help others preserve cherished pictures and tell their stories. I made photo albums of family ancestors, scanned aging photo albums, restored historic portraits and created memory books for loved ones.

During this time, I was also photographing weddings, school and professional headshots. And I had expanded my offerings to wedding albums design and movie production. I became more passionate about photography and family history than my day job, so it was only natural for me to leave corporate life and become a photo preservationist and family historian.

Now I spend every day helping people preserve their photos and bring family histories back to life. Preserve A Photo is more than a job, it’s a passion. I have an eye for the image and a brain that understands the technology – the perfect combination for what I do.


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